How to Play Clash of Clans without the Internet

Many times you’ve wondered how to play Clash of Clans without internet, as you know to play you have to download clash of clans Tablet, mobile (Android or Ios) or on your pc (Mac or Windows) it doesn’t matter in which of them, but to play you have to be connected to the net. [piopialo vcboxed= “1?]Clash of Clans cannot be played without the internet[/pialo])

To give you an idea, the game takes place in an online universe where time advances in the same way for all participants, regardless of when we connect or disconnect from the game.

If for some reason you can’t connect to the internet to play, it won’t stop, it will run its course, that is, the rest of the players will be able to continue with their battles and our village will continue to work and evolve without us being able to do anything.

play without internet ?


I know what you’re thinking, I play Clash of Clan offline and then when I get back online and connect the changes will run… Totally fake.

Remember that all the villages are connected to each other, moving forward at the same time, completely independent of the availability of our internet connection, whether we are connected to the game or not.


How to Play Clash of Clans without the Internet
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